Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Preparations for the trip with vaccinations a month prior.

The packing begins.

Departing Friday 2/3/12 (10:35pm), we finally arrive at our destination on Sunday 2/5/12 (9:30pm).
Zulu Nyala - Game Lodge

The animal the game lodge was named after.  The Nyala!

The view from the pool, and outside our rooms!

Our guide/ranger William.

"Tracking rhino"

Two giraffe fighting!

My mom was eaten alive by mosquitoes.  Real aloe to sooth the itches. 

A three-legged baby antelope.

Zebra fighting!

Cheetah cubs:

Yes we were able to get that close, as they had just eaten the day before.

"Tree hugger"

Baby giraffe less than a month old!

Mother cheetah and her cubs.


A trip to St. Lucia.

This bird would pound the fish on the branch to tenderize it.

A hippo's tooth.

First taste of crocodile.

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  1. Robert,
    Enjoyed the pictures -great photography! - must have been amazing in Africa. John and I went to San Lucia - we got fried. Best regards!