Thursday, September 18, 2008

Current Project(s): September 2008

Filled with anticipation for the times to come, I am currently working with close friends of mine (Kris and Maite), to help them document the entire journey leading up to their wedding date of January 3, 2009.

We are waiting for that one perfect day to complete our prenuptial photo sessions, which has given me a great opportunities to follow Maite in her process of designing and creating her own wedding gown at Novella Bridal (Maiden Lane - San Francisco, CA).

I hope to be able to document all of the events of their destination wedding in Subic Bay, Philippines (reception in Bataan), which begins with celebrating New Years Eve in Boracay, Philippines and concludes in Manila, Philippines; however, my priorities lie in being a part of their wedding party of course.

Recently I have been working with Anna and Roxanne of Details By Design Events to document some of their beautiful event decor for their website and blog (, and provided photos for Novella Bridal ( posted on their profile for The Knot.

Now it seems time has become more precious than ever, and I'm using it all wisely. Thank you and goodday.


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  1. I think you are dedicated with your work and done a fantastic job.